Unique Antique or Flat pack from Sweden?

A Unique Antique is what the majority of Antique Hunters are looking for, some look for a unique style, colour or design. Others to fit a unique personality. Whatever the reason no Antique or Vintage lover wants to be boring and have exactly the same as everyone else, its got to be unique all the way!

Exclusivity & Uniqueness usually go hand in hand with the age of the Antique item because no-on is going to make it again. Someone may make a reproduction of the antique piece, but will never be able to recreate an item with the same weight of history behind it.

A Unique Antique is probably artisan made rather than mass produced resulting in minor aberrations in the finish or look of the item – which is what makes the Antique unique! Although some mass produced items become a unique Antique due to a manufacturing flaw or mistake during the production process – think misprinted stamps or wrongly pressed coins.

Every Antique is unique due to the patina of age – Take two identical pieces of Antique Furniture that have had very different lives. One piece of Antique Furniture could have lived in a smoky atmosphere in a pub for a lot of its life seeing all sorts of shenanigans going on. The other piece of antique Furniture could have been kept under lock and key in an office or drawing room or perhaps even mislaid and nearly lost in an attic forgotten to time. The end result being a totally different appearance and patina to each piece of Antique Furniture making each a unique Antique in its own right.

Finding your own unique antique is something that you can do in our online Antiques Marketplace. If you need help please just ask one of our Independent Antiques Dealers to help  – they will be more than willing!

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