Antiques Buyers FAQ

Antiques Buyers FAQ.

Some of our frequently asked questions about buying Antiques through Antiques Online Marketplace.

Antiques Buyers Premium?

Unlike auction houses of the past there is no buyers premium on top of the purchase price of the Antique you want to buy, the price you see the Antique listed for sale at is the price you will pay.

Does the price include VAT?

All of our prices are shown as inclusive prices, some of dealers may or may not be registered for VAT due to turnover thresholds, but each individual Antique Dealer will send you a Vat invoice after sale if requested.

I think the postage charge is too high.

You will need to take that up with the individual Antiques Dealer in question, We do not currently set the postage charges for our Dealers due the differences in sizes and Values of differing Antiques that are offered for Sale through our Online Marketplace.

I am not in the EU and want to purchase an Antique..

Please contact the individual Antique Dealer directly regarding this , it may be that the postage charges will be the same as for the EU or it may be that the Antiques Dealer in question can set up another listing for you with the correct postage available.

The Antique is no longer available..

As the majority of our Independent Antiques Dealers operate from their own shops occasionally this can happen – they are unique items due to their age after all. We are very sorry it happened though and will of course process any refund due immediately.

I can actually buy these Antiques?

Yes all of the antiques that you see listed on our site are available for purchase immediately.

I'm worried about security..

If you look at the address bar at the top of your internet browser it will say https or show a padlock or both! This is because we have secure settings enabled on our site to provide you our customers with the best security available.

Payment Currency

As a site we are based in the United Kingdom, all transactions on the site are in GBP (Pound Sterling)

We provide as a matter of courtesy throughout the marketplace approximate prices in Euros, USD, CAD and CHF – these are taken twice daily from an automatic feed of currency prices from one of either Yahoo Finance or Google Finance and figures are given for guidance only.

Questions about my Antiques Dealer.

Questions regarding our Antiques Dealers are listed below.

How can I contact a Dealer about an Antique for Sale?

Registered users can contact our dealers direct through the site and ask them questions about their antique items for sale, alternatively some of our dealers may list their telephone numbers.

Is the Independent Antique Dealer Reputable?

We operate a rating and review system that enables you to see how other members of our Antiques community have found dealing with our Independent Antique Dealers. These ratings are delivered by actual verified buyers and are solely done at the buyers discretion.

When will my Antiques Dealer dispatch my Antique?

All of our Antiques Dealers have a shipping and returns policy listed on their individual shop webpage. We Suggest to our independent Antiques Dealers that all purchased Antiques are shipped with 48 Hours of purchase.

Obviously these shipping and returns policies are also subject to English or European Law – whichever has precedent.

I have not received my Antique Yet..

Please contact the individual Antique Dealer directly regarding this so they can chase up their Courier company.

I have an issue with an Antique that I bought..

If you’re looking to return an item, or if you have general issues with an order, our primary recommendation is that you contact the Individual Antique Dealer for help. They may be able to quickly resolve the issue or inform you of their shop policies.

Alternatively, If you have tried this or do not wish to try this can we suggest you try the Online Dispute Resolution service here. This is a European wide out of court resolution service that is available in your own language.

General FAQ about The Site.

Questions about general issues like access etc..

I can't login.

If you signed in with social media please click on those links to access the site. If it is taking you in a loop – then please clear your cookies and try again.

Do you run antiques fairs?

No. We leave antiques fairs organising to people who specialise in antiques fairs. Our speciality is in internet based Antiques sales.

Where is your office based?

Sunny Brighton by the sea. I can’t see the sea from my desk though unfortunately.

I need to make a complaint about the site..

Sorry about that. If it is about an antique please contact the Independent Antique Dealer in the First instance. If it is an issue regarding the Antiques Online site then by all means contact us here