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Welcome to Dullsville?

Modern life is Rubbish – Blur, 1993

Modern flat pack furniture and associated furnishings are very often dull, minimalist, boring and functional. Introduce a splash of style, substance and colour to your room by introducing Antique items that have distinct styles and shapes. This can elevate your interiors and the Antique can stand out among its minimalist surroundings. Antiques can be introduced slowly around the house perhaps with a picture to start or maybe some antique furniture like an antique welsh dresser.

Reading the Sunday papers in an Antique high backed Queen Anne armchair feels slightly more special than slobbing on a high street chain sofa. Antiques can be arranged seamlessly around your home (and Garden..) to add a real sense of chic retro style to your interior.

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Welcome to the machine – Pink Floyd, 1975

Antique Grandfather clocks & Antique Grandmother clocks are a popular way keep time in houses all around the globe. There is definitely something reassuring about the rhythmic tick-tock resonance from a real analogue clock that a digital clock will never be able to recreate. Going round once a week or so to adjust the time of certain clocks (after phoning the speaking clock) was just one of the things that one did.

Learning to tell the time was always a rite of passage that young children went through, made slightly less special with the advent of digital clocks and watches due to their ease of use. The earliest models of digital wristwatch are now approaching 50 years old which certainly puts them in strong vintage and perhaps “young antique” bracket, some of them even had a calculator built in by the end of the 1970’s – now I’m fairly certain that my kids would not call that Hi-tech!


My ever changing moods – Style Council, 1984

With a varied and ever changing assortment of Antique & Vintage collectables available in our Antiques Marketplace, it’s never been so easy to search through and find that piece of inspiration need for a room makeover or even just to add to your Antique collection(s). Antique Collectors focus can change with the mood, Antique Lighting for example when updated with modern wiring can totally transform an antique silver jewellery collection with a softer more gentle light and really give the collection a look of elegant vintage style. Some Art Deco wall pieces can totally complement a modern front room while still providing some much needed style and substance.

Our Independent Antiques Dealers always have a wide range of Antiques for sale here at Antiques Online – hopefully you can find something tickles your fancy.

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