What are the best Antiques to buy?


What are the best Antiques to buy? Well now isn’t that a question and a half. If anyone interested in Antiques and Collectibles could work that out we would be relaxing on a beach in Bali for most of the year (One day Rodney…) Here is a brief and slightly tongue in cheek look at what are the best Antiques to buy when Antiquing. This is a subject we will return to in other articles in more detail and with more gravitas – possibly.

Antiques for Pleasure.

If you are buying Antiques for your home then the best Antiques are for you to look at. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Its all down to whether you like it or not, whether it suits your personal tastes, whether it suits your home and decor, whether you are Happy to have it in your home for many years to come. If the Antique you are looking at does not fit all those criteria then don’t buy it – it is that simple.

  • Does it matter that that a stuck up style editor in an Antiques Magazine says it is unfashionable – Nope. (They will never see it in your home)
  • Will it matter that a journalist somewhere says XYZ Antique furniture won’t go up in value – Nope. (Neither will your neighbours flat pack from IKEA!)
  • Is there an Issue that it is slightly too flamboyant Art Deco Antique piece for a Three bed semi-detached in Ruislip? – Nope. (That actually Sounds perfect!)

You are buying the Antique for you. So if you like the Antique then that piece is the best antique for YOU.

Antiques as an Investment.

If you are buying Antiques solely as an investment then you are not alone. It is not the most conventional way to make money and timing can be everything. Antiques investing is not risk free and results are far from guaranteed. The Antiques market is unregulated which means that there is no compensation if things go bad. However Antiques investing is based on supply and demand and lets face it nobody is going back in time and making more of whatever Antique you are looking at investing in.

I think that when you get down to it there is no “best Antique” to buy because you cannot control the market. It may be fashionable currently to invest in X,Y or even perhaps Z, however when you come to sell your investment then those things may not be quite so in vogue, but something else may well be. One pays ones money and one takes ones chances.

  • Second guess the market and be wrong most of the time – is brown furniture back in vogue yet?
  • Perhaps argue against the forces of the market and be contrary – the market has more money than you so will always win!
  • You can forecast the market and be wrong most of the time – I predict Antique Crystal Balls are next years big thing, or maybe not… 

Style never goes out of fashion, simple rarely goes out of fashion. If you remember those two things you probably won’t go far wrong in finding the best Antiques.

Rarity Value.

Nobody makes Antiques anymore and the Antiques that are around are diminishing year by year due to damage or accident. Even if your old item is not currently rare there remains the distinct possibility it will be in the future. Or at least one exactly like it. Search out Antique Items by a famous name brand – think Cartier,Tiffany, Chippendale,Sheraton et al. Original un-restored Antiques that have some form of provenance attached will usually have some growing investment value. (If you can afford them in the first place..) Antiques that required real craftsmanship to make will usually have a better resale value than something that was roughly hewn or was mass produced – although 19th century mass produced items are becoming rarer now.

What are the BEST Antiques to buy?

To sum up the best Antiques to buy, well there is no real right or wrong. Buying Antiques for long term ownership then you should like or love it – I can’t really help you decide with either. As far as what are the best Antiques to buy for investments – well I would rather be lucky than good. No person can judge the top or bottom of a market but some may be lucky and guess right and that cannot be taught.


What are the best Antiques to buy? – surely that depends on you?



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