Selling FAQ

7 FAQs

  • Why Should I sell Items with you?

    The simple answer is because on a standard Dealer account it won’t cost you anything apart from a bit of time, unless you sell things through our site which would then make it worthwhile…

    You can list a few items to start with or you can list a lot of items from the get go.


  • How quickly can I be selling with you?

    We will normally approve your application the same day (you might not even notice a delay). After that it's as quickly as you can type. We would think that an average person could be listing a product within 10-15 minutes - quicker once you've listed one or two items for sale and are used to layouts etc. We review the first 10 or so listings for quality sake, to ensure the right category(s) are being used etc. but after that you are good to go.

  • How will I know I have a sale?

    We will e-mail you when an item is purchased. It will also show in your selling dashboard as a new order.

    You will also get an email from the stripe payment gateway saying you have a new payment.

  • How do I get paid?

    All sellers must register for both an Marketplace account and an account with the stripe gateway first - link here.

    Payments are made to you immediately through the Stripe processing gateway with any commission fees already removed. If you are one of our Gold+ dealer accounts that is of course commission Free on our part - Just saying...

  • Selling Fees?

    There are fees for selling and they do not differ depending on where you list your item unlike some other sites. Marketplace items get listed for free, but we do currently charge a 10% commission which is applied when a sale occurs for standard selling accounts.

    If there is no sale then there is no selling fee. Simples.

    We do not charge a listing fee!

    Different Dealer accounts pay different commission levels between 10% and 0%.

  • Unfettered Access?

    Before we allow you unfettered antique posting access, we check the first 10 listings that you post to ensure that -

    1. Your photos meet or even exceed our standards.
    2. The Antique category its listed in is correct
    3. The description is well written and looks to our view accurate.
    4. Any faults or damage is identified
    5. Shipping is listed correctly

    This helps us keep the site at the correct integrity level to inspire confidence from our customers.

    We reserve the right to manually approve/verify listings at anytime.

  • Stripe?

    We use Stripe as our payment gateway.

    Stripe is an online gateway service provider - they let you or us take credit card payments online. They are backed by some pretty big names including at least one of the founders of Paypal. We use Stripe as their gateway allows a customer to purchase items from more than one dealer at a time. All the magic is done behind the scenes so each Dealer gets their exact amount due for their Antique item.

    The other reason we use Stripe is because their credit card fees are very reasonable - 1.4%+20p for UK and European based cards and 2.9%+20p for rest of the world cards. *as at 12/2016