Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

A Picture paints a thousand words. Rather than write up some boring old never read instruction manuals we though we would make some instructional videos on how to list your Antique or Vintage Item for sale in our Antiques Marketplace as well as How to set up your independent shop so it looks great and stands out on Antiques Online.

We will try and make more videos up for other things if enough people ask for it.

How to list an Antique for Sale

Full run through of listing an Antique for sale on our Marketplace.

Edit & Brand your Shop Front

How to edit your shop front, add your Logo and cover photo, show your contact details and insert social media page details into your listing.

What are the Search Filters?

How to add searchable filters into your product listing. Search Filters are the bits of your item listing that are filterable and allow the customer to limit the Antique Items listed in the marketplace.