10 Reasons to sell in our Antiques Marketplace

Antiques Marketplace

We are a Multi dealer Antiques marketplace, which means customers can buy from more than one dealer per order. but the customer only needs to make one payment in one checkout.

Social Sharing of Antiques

Easy share options to all of the main social networks makes showing and sharing Antiques that are for sale in our marketplace is easier than ever before – customers & visitors can be your promoters and help sell and market your Antiques.

Free Listings

List antiques in our marketplace for FREE, we don’t charge you a listing fee. It Matters not if you have 1 antique for sale or 1000 antiques in our marketplace. There are no listing fees!

No Commissions?

Sign up to one of our no commitment, no minimum term monthly paid options and pay as little as 0% Sale commissions – No Limits!

Antiques Online free-listings-1 10 Reasons to sell in our Antiques Marketplace

Free Antiques Listings?

Fee free antiques listings – Yep 100% free to list your antiques for sale with us, you only pay commission when we help sell your antiques! Alternatively, you could have signed up for one of our premium monthly memberships which are then commission free no matter how many antiques you sell through our Antiques Marketplace – you also get added premium benefits like featured listings, bonus offers..

Our Marketplace works.

Our Antiques Marketplace works for the customer, whether they buy from one dealer or 5 dealers, the customer see one shopping basket and one checkout. All of the clever workings are done behind the scene by our team of highly trained mice – think Bagpuss..

Instant Payments.

All Antiques Marketplace dealers get instant accurate payments into their accounts using the stripe payment gateway, These show in the Stripe dashboard immediately after the order is placed, Stripe will automatically forward monies into bank accounts after 7 days.

All the postage.

We know that all of our dealers take the utmost care in packing and deliveries and unlike some other marketplaces and to help keep costs to a minimum we do not take a commission on any postage or delivery fees – all of which are set by our individual dealers.

One Checkout.

Customers only need one checkout in our Marketplace per order, no matter how many dealers they have purchased from. This is due to our advanced ordering system (run by the mice) which controls all of the split of payments on the backend of the system, this ensures everyone gets what they are due.

Antiques Online coffee-cup-1-500x200 10 Reasons to sell in our Antiques Marketplace

Not sitting around.

Like all forward thinking businesses we don’t just sit round drinking coffee and eating pastries all day… we are constantly striving to make our Antiques Marketplace the best that it can possibly be, we have loads of updates and upgrades planned to add extra functionality and ease of use into helping you our Independent Antiques Dealers sell more Antiques through our marketplace.

We love Feedback so if you have any suggestions to help by all means contact us (here) and we will see what we can do to implement them.

Quick Recap..

  • No product listing Fees
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • Friendly UK based support
  • Easy Social media Sharing
  • No Coding Necessary
  • Secure SSL gives buyers full protection on the site.
  • Keep ahead of the game with all future upgrades Included
  • Responsive design works on Mobiles and desktop devices
  • Instant Payments to your Stripe merchant account
  • Free Trial available for your first 6 months with us. *T&C’s apply

Basic Dealer

Unlimited Listings
UK Based Support
No Minimum Contract
10% Selling Commissions

Junior Dealer

Unlimited Listings
UK Based Support
No Minimum Contract
5% Selling Commissions

Gold+ Dealer

Unlimited Listings
UK Based Support
No Minimum Contract
0% Selling Commissions

Gold+ Annual

Unlimited Listings
UK Based Support
No Minimum Contract
0% Selling Commissions