Antique Stores Vs Antiques Online

The World ain’t all sunshine and rainbows – Rocky Balboa

Mention Antique stores and people immediately think of musty smells and small gentlemen in tweed jackets with metal rimmed spectacles. The world has moved on from quintessential Middle England Antique Stores of the past. A modern Antique Store is just as likely to be run by a Young professional Woman or a Hipster with a beard and checked shirt rather than operated by twee archetypal figures from the past.

Antique Shops should no longer operate just in a bricks and mortar world but also online in the Digital economy, both spheres working together as a whole. There is no us and them with online or offline shops apart from with idealists and dreamers. Neither of whom last long in business. Our Online Antique Marketplace is there to work alongside your bricks and mortar shop and even alongside your own website. Selling Antiques online is not just for geeks, it is something that all Antique dealers need to do to compete both now and in the future.

You can fight and push back against the modern world as much as you like. However, like the courtiers of King Canute, you must remember that the tide is going against you. Technology and the internet are not going to go away. In fact most High street retailers find that their online sales are growing exponentially faster than they can grow their traditional high street sales.

We like to give you the best of both worlds. A fully brandable online presence of your own, but with lots of Independent antiques dealers all together on one place. This helps increase the digital footfall to all of the online Antiques stores who sell in our Antique Marketplace. Higher digital footfall equals higher sales potential for all of our Antiques Stores which in our view is a win win situation.


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