Cost Effective Antique Sales for Antiques Dealers?

Cost effective Antique sales are every Antiques Dealers dream come true. Getting the most bank for your buck as it is colloquially known. We all want it, what ever business we are in.

Here at Antiques Online our Antiques Marketplace is ideal for Independent Antiques Dealers looking for the most cost effective Antiques Sales –

  • You can register a shop for Free
  • List Your Antiques for Free
  • Add Antiques Photos for Free
  • Add Antiques Articles for Free
  • UK Based support for Free
  • Add Product videos for Free (*coming soon*)

In fact you can do all of these things and only pay a small commission when we sell your item. That makes listing your Antiques with us Risk Free which makes working with us highly cost effective!

We do of course have upgrade offers that give you reduced commission rates of 0%. Everybody likes 0%. This takes our standard commission rate of 10% and totally turns it on its head giving you commission free access to our entire selling platform.

Unlike many other Antiques selling platforms we do not charge a listing fee just to add your product to the site.

We do not charge you to have more than just one photo of your antique available for display. You can have up to 8 photos in a gallery per Antique listing that you have set up on the site.

If you want to write Articles or have written articles about Antiques that you want to put up to link through to your shop. This helps show your expertise and general knowledge level about your products which inspires confidence with your customers. We do not charge you if you want to do this – in fact we positively encourage it.

We have plans to implement video display to enable you our Independent Antiques Dealers to make a video demonstrating your Antique for sale. What better way to show off your product than being able to show and tell at the same time. We will let all of our Antiques Dealers know as soon as we enable this feature.

Cost Effective Antique Sales? We don’t think so – we know so.

Antiques Online.

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