I want to sell Antiques Online!

“I want to sell Antiques Online” is something that we heard lots of times before we set up this marketplace. Antiques dealing needs to move on from its past. If I was going to become and Antiques Dealer in the 21st Century, the first place I would look to start selling Antiques is online. Yes perhaps we are slightly biased,but seriously when was the last time you first looked for anything without checking out online first? Go on how many years ago was it?

I’ll just go and get in to my car and pop down “there” to see if they have one does seem a little 20th century. Besides why would you waste the petrol money by doing that when a simple web search will get you what you want to find.

What Antiques are you going to sell? are you a specialist? or a mad keen collector of something or other? Is it Vintage Clothing or Antique Furniture,perhaps taxidermy is your thing? We would recommend selling a range of Antiques if you are just starting out unless you are of course an expert in one field – (in which case move on by nothing to see here…) You might want to be a specialist in one area of Antiques but don’t limit yourself down to start with, finding your niche can take time.

“You make your profit when you buy your item”

Traders of all shapes and sizes will tell you this  – Antiques Dealers through to Car Dealers. What you pay for an Item will to some extent dictate what you need to sell it for to make a profit – profit is what pays the bills after all! We’ve all bought things that we liked at the wrong price or at the wrong time – even Antiques has its seasonal variations after all (Vintage Clothing…) If you want to be an Antiques Dealer Online you need to remember that you are not collecting! You are buying to sell that Antique on.


Unusual & Interesting Sells! If you’ve not seen something before and it interests you then you can be fairly sure in our day and age that it will interest someone else too! 


I want to sell Antiques Online. Simple.


Antiques Online

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