Sell Antiques for Free!

You read that right! Sell Antiques for free. We want you to love us for who we are – whats the point of 14 day trials, nobody even gets those set up properly. You can barely get your products listed up before they want to charge you! That is why we are giving you 6 Months free Antiques, Vintage and Collectible selling with no strings attached. Giving you a good length of free trial to try things out your way and in your own time.

Why sell with us?

Why us? You’ve never heard of us!  For good reason too – We are an utterly brand new Antique and Vintage Marketplace as of 2017. We are ambitious as to what we want to achieve, accomplish and bring on board over the next 6 months with plenty of upgrades and extras already planned. But keep that under your hat – OK!

We are growing our traffic fast and need Independent Antique and Vintage Marketplace dealers to join us to help keep up the momentum. We are proactive in how we want to help you sell your items – It’s in our interest for you to sell Antiques through us.

Antique Selling Site or just an advert site?

Antique selling sites or sites with adverts for antiques in them? Some Antiques Dealers and trade websites are stuck very firmly in the past. Antique selling sites should enable you to have an Antique Dealing presence online not do some bits online and some bits offline. Customers the world over have embraced buying everything online from groceries to cars – why does anyone think that Antiques are different?

Unlike an Antiques listings site we are not just about selling you advertising space and then just sitting back. We are a proactive company and are actively looking for ways to help you grow your Antique Sales online. Your clients can actually buy Antique & Vintage items through us 24 Hours a day, 365 days per year – even when your bricks and mortar Antiques Shop is closed!

  • Do you force your customers to make an appointment to buy from you?
  • Can potential customers see the Antique or Vintage item without coming into your shop to see it?
  • Is it possible for a customer to buy the Antique without talking to you?
  • Can a customer pay you for the newly purchased Antique by credit card?
  • Do you ship the Antique to the customer by courier or do you drop it round in the back of a large Volvo?
  • In the 21st Century why are you not doing all of the above for your customers?

Most customers, consumers, clients or punters (call them what you will) live in a modern world where the customer is king everywhere. Apart from the Antiques world apparently!

The Offer

Sell Antiques for free with us for 6 months – Commission FREE – Commitment FREE – YES, zero bother – YES, minimum Fuss – YES. We’ve all heard that you don’t get something for nothing, well it’s not true – you do here! – 6 months Commission free Antique Sales in our Antique, Vintage and Collectible Marketplace. No payment details required! We want you to try us out!

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Not convinced? – Here are 10 reasons for you to sell in our Antiques Marketplace

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